Yogi Tea for Delicious Digestive Health

As I let my body recover from two years of bulimia nervosa, I’ve been feeling the grief from my belly. To get my digestive system to stop complaining, I’ve been eating soy yogurt and drinking a lot of cold Yogi Green Tea Kombucha. I usually don’t drink unsweetened iced tea, but this stuff alone is yummy and deliciously fragrant with lemongrass, spearmint, and passion fruit. Hot or iced, it’s just so good I have to recommend it, especially to those like me who wish to kick a diet soda habit.

Each tea bag contains about 30 mg of caffeine. The ingredients are listed as: organic green tea leaf, organic lemongrass, organic spearmint leaf, organic kombucha, natural passion fruit flavor, natural plum flavor.



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2 responses to “Yogi Tea for Delicious Digestive Health

  1. Yogi tea is one of my favorite bagged teas, too! I especially love their chai… It’s just a fantastic blend of spices. I’ll have to try this one next time.

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