Holidays 2009

red xmas ornaments

The holidays always pass by with so many missed opportunities and unfulfilled plans. It’s my favorite way to end the year, just like the rest of the year but with more lights and cookies…

…and surprises under a Christmas tree.

nova under xmas tree

I did much less baking than usual (only two kinds of cookies!) but was able to put together the Christmas dinner I’d been dreaming of.

xmas dinner 2

My Christmas dinner:

Dinner was followed by a chilly evening walk around a near-deserted downtown Carmel, admiring the lonely holiday displays of stores and galleries.

carmel shop window 4

carmel gallery window

santa hat dolphins

carmel shop window

carmel shop window 2

carmel shop window 3

carmel shop window 6

carmel shop window 8

carmel window snowman

carmel window snowman 2

carmel window snowman 3

That snowman creeps me out. And it was in a children’s clothing store. I think it wants my soul.


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