On the Daiya Bandwagon (with Pizza)

Seemed like every vegan out there on the web had tried Daiya vegan cheese except me. Well no more! I nearly jumped out of my Calvins when I saw that my local Whole Foods Market had begun to carry pint-sized plastic containers of the seemingly mythical substance. At $8.99 per pound, I got around 2 packed cups of the shredded Italian blend for $4.58 and a little less shredded Cheddar-style for $3.15.

daiya olive-mushroom pizza_6

Thus a dinner of two pizzas was born, using a quick and tasty pizza dough recipe from Yeah, That “Vegan” Shit. Throw this together just 15 minutes before you want to bake a pizza, and you’re good to go.

daiya 2-cheese pizza_4

daiya olive-mushroom pizza_2

While possessing a “vegan cheese” texture when unmelted, Daiya is wonderfully full of flavor and can usurp its dairy counterpart in any traditional recipe requiring melted cheese. It makes lovely pizzas, quesadillas, and cheese sauces that my dairy-eating family went for with enthusiasm. But you can just selfishly snack on it straight from the package if you’re only human. This is currently my favorite of all vegan cheese products I have tried.

The price seemed a little steep to me, but after tasting it I don’t believe I will hesitate to buy more.


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