What Didn’t Make the Cut: Rice Meatballs & Vegan Month of Food

I suck at blogging. My perfectionist nature means that the imperfect photos, the underdeveloped recipes, and the just not-too-interesting don’t make it to the blog. And all this means that 90% of my cool food discoveries are not represented here. What a shame, because this past year has been awesome. This blog is supposed to support my idea that life as a vegan can be as fun and crazy as anything.

It’s Vegan MoFo time! This month, hundreds of bloggers will be churning out vegan food posts like there’s no December. Each day of November, I’m going to join them by sharing something I’ve done or eaten this past year. I don’t have time for new ideas and recipes, of course.

My favorite source of recipes is… other blogs. They’re free, unique, modern, and usually accompanied by pretty photos. In August I tried out this Steamed Sweet Rice Meatball from Kitchen M.

When a recipe calls for some kind of ground meat, I usually mix up TVP with wine or beer, broth, soy sauce, onions, garlic, pepper, and other spices, herbs, or vegetable juices. Sometime I’ll form an actual recipe.

I left out the eggs and cooked the “meatballs” inattentively, so they were crumbly and ugly, like my mind on a Friday afternoon. But sweet grains from heaven, they were tasty.

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