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Vegan Chocolate Reviewer: The Tea Room Maté & Cacao Nibs Chocolate Fusion

Product: The Tea Room Maté & Cacao Nibs Chocolate Fusion
Price: $3.49 for 1.8 oz at Cornucopia (local health food store)
Type of chocolate: 72% cacao European chocolate
My notes: Very smooth, silky texture with a even dusting of crunchy bits (sugar? cacao?) like fine sand throughout. Soft snap. Sweet and citrusy flavor with a weird, almost coffee-like note that I assume is the yerba maté. Definitely detected the licorice-y star anise. Interesting.
Note to self: Just because it’s pricey, you don’t have to buy it.
Overall rating (out of five stars): ***

Beautiful. I wish my skin were as smooth as this chocolate.

Did my palate luxuriate in the flavor medley? I guess.



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Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Cake

I made this to celebrate the end of finals this week and to satisfy a craving my boyfriend had… That’s all I’m good for.

I love leaving the kitchen window ajar while the wind and rain blow around. The cold air helps my ice cream freeze better as it churns. Later, a hot oven full of baking goodies fills the indoor air with warmth and tasty aromas.

Composition of the ice cream cake:

  • Two layers of chocolate cake. I made One-Bowl Chocolate Cake from Better Homes & Gardens, leaving out the eggs and substituting soymilk for milk.
  • Two layers of mint-chocolate chip ice cream that owes its flavor and color to lots of fresh mint leaves. The method is explained in the recipe from David Lebovitz. I omitted the egg yolks, substituted the whole milk and cream with full-fat coconut milk and vanilla soymilk (I didn’t want it too rich and creamy), and blended the steeped-mint mixture with 1½ Tbsp liquid soy lecithin and ¼ cup tapioca starch before reheating.
  • On top, I drizzled 3 oz. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Mint UFOs melted with 1 Tbsp vegetable shortening. I also used chopped UFOs for the ice cream. Mmmmminty.

Wooowooowooowooo… We are beamink you up. Do not rezist, Earthlink. We are flyink you to galaxy of minty chocolate. Woowooowooowoo…..


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So Happy Chocolate Chili

Chocolate Chili from VegNews (click the link for a much more scrumptious-looking photo) with homemade cornbread biscuits and pepitas. Smile, and the world smiles with you.

vegan mofo logo


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When My Sweetheart Turned 20…

…I refused to bake him a cake!

I swear it’s what he wanted. For his birthday last March, he requested a raw chocolate cake, rich and decadent with no baking involved.

This was based on the Mocha Cake recipe in Sweet Gratitude: A New World of Raw Desserts. I covered it with Chocolate Glaze, Mocha Cashew-Free Frosting, and sliced almonds. I spoil my baby so.

Dates, coconut oil, almonds, cacao, and cold-pressed espresso were blended into a dense fudgy cake. Can food be sinfully nutritious?

And those are normal-sized birthday candles. This was a special tiny cake just for the two of us. And all the leftover Chocolate Glaze was for me. I can drink it like coffee.

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Vegan Chocolate Reviewer: Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Wedges

TJ's dark chocolate wedges

Life is being a distraction right now. But chocolate is a nice distraction from life.

TJ's dark chocolate wedges 4

Product: Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Wedges
Price: $3.49 for 3.5 oz at Trader Joe’s
Type of chocolate: 70% Belgian cacao
My notes: Aroma of cocoa. Shiny, plasticky surface. Very soft and chewy bite, uncomplicated rich chocolate flavor.
Overall rating (out of five stars): ***

TJ's dark chocolate wedges 5

See how my teethmarks sank smoothly into the wedge before it broke? That’s a soft bite.

TJ's dark chocolate wedges 2

TJ's dark chocolate wedges 3

Don’t forget that there’s a second layer of wedges under those, making for 16 per tin.


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Vegan Chocolate Reviewer: Alter Eco Dark Mint Chocolate

mint choco bar_4

Product: Alter Eco Dark Mint Chocolate
Price: $3.99 for 3.5 oz at Whole Foods
Type of chocolate: at least 61% cacao from Bolivia
My notes: Strong mint scent upon opening wrapper. Smooth and dark appearance. Fairly soft snap and bite, but it was a hot day. Very light, almost like aerated chocolate, with fine grainy texture nearly like Taza stone-ground chocolate. Initially mild mint flavor that fades to pure chocolaty-ness. Addicting.
Overall rating (out of five stars): ****

mint choco bar_22

mint choco bar_17

mint choco bar_5

Read about Alter Eco’s take on practicing Fair Trade.

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Vegan Chocolate Reviewer: Chocolove Coffee Crunch in Dark Chocolate

chocolove coffee bar

Product: Chocolove Coffee Crunch in Dark Chocolate
Price: unknown price (bought for me) for 3.2 oz at Cornucopia (local health food store)
Type of chocolate: 55% cacao chocolate from Belgium
My notes: Smooth and glossy appearance. Soft bite with pleasant crunchy coffee bits. I expected a mocha-like taste, but actual flavor was mild chocolate with an intense coffee accent. For a dark chocolate, the cacao content was low and I was reminded of a cheap candy bar, but better. Couldn’t tell if my subsequent “high” was from the coffee or chocolate.
Note to self: Coffee and chocolates alone would make an excellent brunch.
Overall rating (out of five stars): ***

chocolove coffee bar 3

chocolove coffee bar 5

chocolove coffee bar 6

Every Chocolove bar comes with a love poem printed on the inside of the wrapper. I never enjoy it as much as the chocolate.

chocolove coffee bar 2

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